GRP Moulded Gratings are available with various surfaces, grinded and sealed, gritted, coarse or fine or concave.

They offer highest safety standards and Anti slip Class R13, DIN 51130. Also available in various colours.

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Safety Floorings

The solution for covers with low weight. GRP safety floorings and GRP panel profiles can be offered with a special resin matrix of vinylester or phenolic resin. All resin types are self- extinguishing and UV-stabalized.

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Profile Gratings

Standard GRP profile gratings are made from isophthalic polyester resin. The reinforcement is achieved by a combination of fibreglass mats and rovings reaching a glass content of approximately 65%. Standard colours are grey or yellow, other colours according to RAL are available.

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Step Treads

Easy to assemble and providing high safety. GRP step treads fulfil high safety standards. They are produced in the same way as the GRP profile gratings and the GRP moulded gratings with additionally reinforced and highlighted edges.

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Panel Profiles

Typically GRP panel profile have a polyester resin matrix with a glass content of appx. 65%. Standard colour is grey, other colours are available according to RAL.

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Fixing Sets

Stainless steel fixing sets can be used for all standard GRP gratings and support constructions. To prevent GRP gratings perfectly against lifting and sliding away each panel should be fixed on at least four points.

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